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RNC, is an opposition organisation to the current dictatorial government in Rwanda. The political organisation has established membership both in exile and inside Rwanda. It was created in 2010 and today it boasts of a membership of over thousands and thousands Millions active and passive members. Its headquarters are based in Washington, USA. RNC exercises an important function in a democratic system as a “watchdog” for Rwanda’ policies and we are positioned as a political alternative in the future for Rwanda. This is because the organisation represents all interests of the Rwandan society and envisages a new Rwanda infused in freedom, justice and solidarity.

Core Principles

Our Main Mission is To deliver a Pathway for an Effective Agenda of Peaceful change and Transformation of Rwanda.


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Political Program

What We Do, Explore my main political program and learn more about our vision and how we can achieve our goals..


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Our Members

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Our Added Value

We have a new vision of a Rwandan society in which diversity is an invaluable asset, where human life is sacred; where no one is a victim of his or her ethnic origin or past
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Latest Work

IBURIRO N’AMATEKA ISHINGIRO Inyoko muntu yemerewe kugira uburenganzira buhoraho, bwo kubaho mu mahoro, umudendezo, no kugira uruhare rukwiye ku mutungo w’ gihugu kuko hari umutungokamere wa buri gihugu kubw’iterambere n’imibereho myiza y’abaturage bacyo bose.

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Recent Updates

The platform P5 is a coalition of political organizations AMAHORO P.C, FDU - INKINGI, PDP - IMANZI, PS - IMBERAKURI and RWANDA NATIONAL CONGRESS (RNC); the platform is open to other political organizations that adhere to its vision and values.

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