Posted on March 22, 2012 · Posted in General, Team

We have and will continue to provide a platform to all Rwandan people through open dialogue and accountability. We have risen up to campaign and call upon human rights organizations and diplomatic efforts at higher levels to respond to the mistreatment of Rwandans both in- country and those in asylum- countries. We are calling upon the implementation of checks and balances on power held by RPF and accountability on donor agencies and citizens of Rwanda . We are calling for equal opportunities and equal protection for all Rwandans.

  • Call to action.

RNC members will not afford to be onlookers as a handful of people amass power over Rwanda and enjoy it at the expense of all citizens. The political drama in Rwanda has been going on for the past 23 years and time is up for Kagame and his inner cycle mutineers. We acknowledge that the ideas that brought RPF to power were meant for the good of the Rwandans but today RPF has missed the mark and they are turning the sword to the very people they sought to protect. In order to put an end to the atrocities RPF has committed, there will be need to change the political structure in Rwanda. For real change to happen, it will call for people who are willing to live by hope, long suffering and ability to keep away from what has been held and valued by some few people over a long period of time. We are aware that to change Kagame mentality of dictatorial mode of rule will calls for strong, intelligent and caring people with deep conviction that it is necessary to witness change. RNC members are willing to stand-up for that cause.
RNC is you and I. We call upon all Rwandans and those lovers of peace and social justice to join hands in this fight we have staged. We are determined to win and we will win. In Kinyarwanda we have a saying that “Ukuri guca muziko ntigushya” literary meaning the truth will always prevail. RNC will stand for the truth and nothing but the truth. Our truth is that all human being deserve a right to life and a decent life for that matter. Come one come all and let us liberate our people, our nation and our motherland- Rwanda.
Towards #Transforming Rwanda Political Landscape – RNC.