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Democratic movement


Agenda for PEACEFUL Change


Political & Diplomatic forces.

About us

RNC is a democratic movement for Rwandees

All human beings are entitled to an inherent right to live in peace and
freedom and to the fair use of, and access to, the resources with which their
nations are endowed for the promotion of the well being of all citizens of that

Every person is entitled to the rights promulgated by the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political
Rights, and other international conventions that explicitly ensure the freedom
of thought, association, and religion for all humankind.

  • Genuine Power-Sharing
  • Fundamental Rights
  • End refugees' problem
  • Widening Polarization of Society
  • Widespread & Worsening Poverty
  • Increasing disparities(rich & poor)

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: +27 63 111 3627

We hereby proclaims our

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Our Policy

We hold the unshakable view that Rwanda belongs to all Rwandans – Hutu, Tutsi and Twa equally

We share the firm belief that Rwandan society has not learned the necessary lessons from the traumatic events of the country’s recent past


Factors that make reform of Rwanda’s political and economic system imperative.

Vision of the future

Vision of the future of our motherland that the RNC espouses.

Political transformation.

Values that must underpin Rwanda’s political transformation.

Goals and objectives

Goals and objectives of the struggle for which the RNC seeks to mobilize the people of Rwanda.

You and I

Meet Our Leadership

RNC is you and I. We call upon all Rwandans and those lovers of peace and social justice to join hands in this fight we have staged. The CAUSE is noble and worth the fight.

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